“If there were to be a cannibalization, a phoning in of our sartorial view of gender, it would be only heels and dresses and colors that have in past been deemed opposite to masculinity. Heels and mini-skirts certainly did make their way into the collection, but rather than an overzealous attempt, these were understated and clean, there not to be gawked at but to be comfortably worn. Past all the normal hubbub, Berlin was where you would find these clothes, with baggy cargo pants of nylon ruling, topped with form defining jackets and sculptural shirts. The color palette too was pared back to the base form; dark colors with a contrasted white appearing here and there. These are clothes that help you hone in on your presentation of identity—deciding not to overpower. They give space to further expand upon yourself, rather than forcing a submersion of oneself into the clothing.” – Phil Backes, Document Journal, November 2018


“What that [Random Identities] translates into for you and I is a collection of improbably elegant tailored garments in moody shades of black, Payne’s grey, dove and white. Clothes designed to let their wearer’s personalities do the talking. Clothes intended to whisper rather than scream, like a drunken Royal Ascot attendee, about their highfalutin creative provenance.” – Teo van den Broeke, GQ UK, January 2019


“Fans of Pilati’s designs will immediately recognise his hand: the volumes, strictness and twisted functionality speak to his signature. There is a militaristic streak as well as fetishistic touches, exemplified by the Prince Albert piercings on belts and necklaces. Another pièce de résistance is the label’s worker boot, with its five-inch heel, which captures the line’s gender-fluid tone. The colour palette is strong on black, grey and military green. In sum, despite its digital communications and distribution strategy, it’s the furthest thing from an Instagram brand, based on strong design, rather than on high-visibility graphics or empty communication tricks” – Angelo Flaccavento, Business of Fashion, April 2019


“Pilati is no dreamer. After many years in fashion, he knows the industry inside out, but his objective today is to speak directly to those who appreciate his work. He does this via social media, which is where he has presented and sold Random Identities until now. This is one creative professional who certainly doesn’t shut himself in an ivory tower.” – Frederic Martin Bernard, L’Uomo Vogue, January 2020